Checking In

I have been out of touch most of the year. Today has been a rough one.

Bad things:

  • Hit snooze too many times.
  • Found the bug I’d flicked across the room a week ago. He three times his original size and I lost him again.
  • Hair color didn’t take on my sideburns (do women have sideburns?)
  • My over-medium egg popped when I flipped it
  • I stepped in something; gum or gummy or taffy – something sticky
  • realized I turned up the heat instead of down when I left for work
  • work was a shit-show
  • got a text from landlady that my rent check never made it (we’re halfway through the month)
  • some weirdo was leering at us after work
  • people’s feelings got hurt because I focus at work.

Good things:

  • Got to work on time
  • packed my lunch
  • ate my lunch
  • got praises for being awesome in a shit-show of a day
  • Getting reimbursed for my rent-check calamity and a letter as proof of purchase from my bank
  • got my order from the lady who makes everyone buy from her neice
  • found the bug, he’s dying – good for him
  • No pain


I stopped going to the doctor because the PT specialist weirded me out and it was expensive to go weekly. I still feel good but am probably backsliding a bit. Still losing weight. A lot closer to 300 than I was six months ago. I’m gonna say it’s eating regular meals and getting better sleep because nothing else has really changed.

I stopped dating because it’s awful. Stalkers, mama’s boys, meninists. And everything is my fault apparently. Too sexual, too prudish, too independent, too indecisive, immovable, too strict, too lax, not religious enough, too superstitious, too nerdy, not nerdy enough, don’t know how to party, party too hard, talk too much, don’t talk enough, Mom hates me, Dad loves me, friends love me, grandma hates me.

All at the same damn time.

Still have my goals but life conspires to keep me from them.

So, I started playing video games back in September. It was a hobby that I could use to 1) correct posture (I don’t recline and play games, I sit up, ready to pounce), 2) get out some aggression and stress, 3) take me out of my life. Worked but now I have a new obsession. Not all games just one. The Last of Us. It’s amazing. I can play it over and over. It’s got enough of a story to be a movie. It’s got enough game play to satisfy the beast. I was upset that there wasn’t a sequel or a movie… but now a sequel has been announced and I will wait impatiently for it.

I have played other games: Journey, Walking Dead Seasons 1 & 2. I also have a library full of them to keep me busy awhile.

I started reading again but in spurts. One weekend, I read 3 books. I’m due for another soon but it’s the holidays and I start projects and don’t finish them quite a bit.

My laptop died and I had to get another but cheaped out and it has almost no memory but now I have external drives that do the bulk of storage. Cloud services have disappointed and try to eat my files. Still, I’m doing the things that I like to do.

I am alive. I am doing mostly well. I’m getting to happier and happier places. My old friends aren’t… I don’t miss them much. I’m okay with my current friends. I’m still keeping to myself but it’s more of… I’m used to it than I seek to be myself.

I’m starting to be okay with myself. I love that.

I play video games. I collect comic books. I watch sci-fi. I read cheesy romance novels. I imagine a world of magic and dragons. I love me.

Tunes that I keep in my mind (Also trailers for awesome things):


I solved it!!

I am not the mostly technologically advanced person. This is mainly due to financial reasons. I stopped keeping up with tech mags because I can’t afford anything.

My dad thinks I’m a tech wizard. All I ever really do for him is make sure things are plugged in, rebooted and I clear his cache from time to time. A monkey can do what I can do. Talking to IT guys and gals always have them shaking their heads at me.

Still. I managed to replace the CD-ROM on my laptop so I can use MS-Word like a grownup. I’m sorry but Apache Open Office 3 is not doing it for me. So many headaches. I tried AbiWord and that’s just a step up from the old MS WordPad. Check, I bet it’s on your computer and you never even thought about it. I know I didn’t. My only use for NotePad were my days of hard-coding my websites because it was fun back then. I don’t give a crap now. TEMPLATES! CLICK AND DRAG!

Anyway. My phone has been acting up for months but it’s been the low man on the totem pole while I’m fighting to make sure my car doesn’t get repossessed. I have to dial every number (that I no longer keep in my head cause who does that?) or I have to only call people I text because that’s the only way I can do it. My contacts manager simply shuts down when I’m only trying to call Dad or BigSis or LittleSis.

I solved that today. Turns out my Hotmail app was gumming up the works. Only I had upgraded to Outlook a few months ago when I was prompted. I just forgot to uninstall. And BAM! 10 seconds later. My contacts manager works! It was so simple but I had to wade through so many blogs and message boards to find it.

So put simply:

Motorola Atrix 2 – error message: Contacts storage has stopped unexpectedly.

Force Close

Your solution:

Uninstall Hotmail App

You’re welcome.

I know! I KNOW!

Why in the world do I still use Hotmail? The address still works and that’s where I send all the shit I don’t want clogging up my important email. You know, the one I give out with my resumes and to family.

My phone made me get a gmail account but I don’t use it except for reminders on when Google Play gets new free music. Cause FREE MUSIC. Maybe also to manage my YouTube account cause Sad Cat Diary? Awesome! And you know what else? Nate Fisher does employee evaluations and they’re hilarious.

But yeah. Useless Hotmail/Outlook accounts. Nearly useless Gmail Accounts… Yahoo. I used to have ICQ but bleh. I am trying to streamline this shit but damn. Technology is a hungry beast.

Which reminds me… I was actually doing some writing today… then I got distracted by the litter box, and the gnat problem and then the phone problem. I hope I didn’t leave any characters in peril… cause that’s just a shitty thing to do to someone(s) I love.