Important Things

Important things in no significant order:

The R Word – Spread the word to End the word. It’s important to make sure that every human being is treated and feels like a human being.

Susan G. Komen For the Cure – Understand your health. Do your self-exams. Go to the doctor. Act with knowledge. My mother’s five year death sentence was extended by seven years with the work of specialists. A 12 year battle but 12 years I got with my mother.

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – My sister’s nightmare started with some blood in her sputum, a year later she could hardly breathe while resting. A doctor’s insistence on follow up could have helped catch it sooner. No one has a crystal ball. No one can go back and undo or redo.

Colon Cancer – Get screened. My father and grandmother are survivors.

Autism Speaks – It’s time to listen. We get busy. We get impatient. Taking a moment to listen can prevent huge misunderstandings.

To Write Love On Her Arms – Depression lies. People suffer silently all the time. People don’t always show it. Some people work hard to hide it… until it’s too late.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America – It comes in all varieties. There is no one right answer. Knowledge is power.

Always Keep Fighting – I have made this my mantra. Anxiety and Depression will lie, will tell you to lie down and take. Just keep fighting. Always.


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