I’d say I don’t like talking about me but I just started a blog, didn’t I? I work in a field where I basically take orders and reissue them and then keep tabs on them. It’s a lot like a particular part of my last job which was in healthcare. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and damned proud of it. I’ll continue to do so until Canada becomes a warmer country. I just don’t do snow more than twice a year.

Don’t judge my twang. It’s only here sometimes. Usually when I’m tired or really comfortable… or super-annoyed.

I’m in my thirties and either I never grew up or I was never really mature enough to recognize that I needed to. Either way I’m not ready for this getting old shit. It’s just too much, too fast and I’d really like to have one of those remotes from that movie that was kind of funny but really all I remember was that the one guy was kind of cute. Shrug.

I watch TV. I eat. I work. I read. I think I write. I’m not really sure what it is. I rant. I do that. A lot lately. This is the warning. Sometimes funny, sometimes angry, sometimes meh. Cause I was Daria in another life and that shit hangs around.

I should probably note that I’m prone to curse like a sailor. I make no promises other than the words will appear whether I’m thinking about it or not.


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