Still here

The last month has been a trial of patience. I resigned myself to doing my job without hope of change in the way things should change. This meant I had to do what I could to make sure everything was going as it should though everyone was in my way.

I got mad. I got frustrated. I yelled. I screamed.

Nothing changed.

I got despondent. I got obstinate. I despaired.

Then I finally got people to listen.

I wasn’t passive-agressive though I wanted to be. I just got quiet and when asked, I was honest. Brutally. I might have been snarky but I was also factual.

Changes are yet to come but the road is clear and ready to be repaved.

This makes me a happier, if tired human being.

So tired, I can’t seem to find my pants to get a celebratory beer from down the literal street.

I have 105 minutes to get there if I still want it but. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just sit and rest.

Progress not achieved but shackles have been released.


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