The Losers

There are a lot of things that brings to mind. In this day and age even insults are compliments.

There was this movie that didn’t do so well. It was based on this comic that didn’t do so well. That was based, loosely, on an older comic that didn’t do so well.

I like both the newer comic and the movie. I never read the original comic.

Some bits were changed… To the detriment for the movie but the gist is this:

A special ops team, who follows orders however distasteful, is following orders just fine until the order got so distasteful it had to be questioned. To save the lives of innocents from a trigger already pulled, the team goes into a hot zone to pull out children. There they are warned, by the target and resident bad guy, that they will be killed as well. Extraction of innocents were never intentioned or sanctioned and the team, ordered to leave them behind, puts them on the escape copter instead.
They watch in horror as the good guys blow up their ride home and realize they were all supposed to be on board. Swearing revenge, evidence is left behind that they were on board and murdered. The whole op was illegal and these ‘dead’ soldiers were acting alone.

What follows is a lot of moody brooding, plotting, espionage and explosions as the real missions are revealed, real ambitions are exposed and even more revenge plots set in motions.

The comic is an excellent thrill ride with plenty of twists and turns. The movie is poorly treated by screenwriters but well-acted by loads of lovely people.

I love the movie cause Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, idris Elba and this smoking hot Oscar Jaenada. That last dude hardly says a word but watch and you will appreciate.

Lessons learned: Zoe Saldana can kill anyone. Even with a douchebeard, Chris Evans is still hot. I never knew I liked chest hair until Jeffrey Dean Morgan. There is a place and time for Street Sweeper Social Club. Idris Elba is a really bad guy. You can forget Speed Jason Patric and just hate Losers Jason Patric. Also features one of my favorite bad guys as a Canadian bad guy, Holt McCallany. Used to spend many weekends watching him on my action shows filmed north of the border.

Guys: Zoe Saldana. Shit blows the fuck up.

Gals: Hot men.

Everyone: Funny. Takes you away for a minute. You kind of forget everyone in the movie is actually a horrible person.

They are, they really are.

I once made a PowerPoint to explain the comic to a friend. It was beautiful and 10 minutes long. I love this story.

I kind of want a movie sequel but they would fuck it up even worse. The WMD was changed, storylines sped up. Sigh. But a blowjob at knife point is one of those touchy things even if it was consensual and the woman was holding the knife.

No, you can’t borrow my copy. I nerd it up and either watch or read it every month.


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