Counting Down

If you bother to follow my twitter, you know that I am going to the movies today, I haven’t really been sleeping, and my anxiety has been winning more often than not.

I’m already feeling the battle in my bones. I hurt. Which means my depression will be a roadblock and my anxiety will get tripped and I might not make it out the door today. I’m going to the movie.

I decided this earlier this week. It’s going to happen.

I may have to load up on painkillers. I may have to dig the ashwaganda out of my work purse. The kava kava is somewhere in there, too.

I’ve been up since 5am.

I just keep thinking that yesterday was a good day. I hung out with an old boss after work. I may dip my toes into that field again. If only on a part time basis. I will be working double shifts for a while because I’m beyond broke until I get a roommate. Which is imminent but not as fast as I would like.

I’m trying to think about how if I go to the first showing, it is cheaper, it is nearly always empty and then I can really enjoy the movie. Less than 3 hours to go. I need to get my coffee on. my shower on, my shoes on.

Elysium is the movie and if you live under a rock, like my ex-boss, then you should know it is  Neill Blomkamp movie. He made District 9. It stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. Jodie runs security for a space station that houses the 1%. The rest of humanity is on Earth, which is a dump full of sickness and garbage. Matt is sick and needs the treatments that can only be found on Elysium… only Jodie doesn’t let new people on. Matt’s determined but Jodie has thugs to keep things in order. One of those thugs is Josh Blacker, AkA Caleb-Sgt. Spencer-Nigel-Giles. I’m a fan.

I’m excited to watch it. I’m not excited to go outside on my day off.

I will though. I will. I will do it. Maybe afterward, I’ll come home and clean out my inbox. I haven’t done a dating over 30 post in a while.


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