Another day off, another day of mind wandering

Still don’t know if I’m getting better or worse. I’m planning an outing for myself next Friday. It’s important that I do this outing by myself or else I’m just using my buds as crutches.

I like my sci-fi. Always have. Makes me the oddball in the family. My brother likes sci-fi so long as things explode. My sisters indulge my long-winded musings on why I like this or that.

Top 10 Movies:

Sunshine – The Sun is dying and a second and last effort is being made to “restart” it.

Stargate – The Pyramids were build by aliens and when they were chased off, they left some artifacts behind that change history.

Enemy Mine – A Human and a Drac crash-land on a deserted planet and have to survive, meaning they have to work together.

Pandorum – Earth is overpopulated and has sent out an Ark to find another place to inhabit, but something went wrong.

Solarbabies – Earth is a desert, orphans are slaves but wait, a fall star with sentience and an 80’s beat.

The Dark Crystal – Genocide, slavery, sorcery, science, mysticism… as portrayed by puppets.

Donnie Darko – Visions and mayhem and time travel.

Pitch Black – A cargo ship crash lands on a planet on the eve of a sustained eclipse which releases creatures that thrive in the dark.

Independence Day – Earth, we all have to hate and defeat someone… why not killer aliens determined to take our planet.

Cowboys and Aliens – Because it’s cowboys and aliens, that’s why.


Not going to include or exclude Star Wars but it’s these movies I can watch over and over and over. Some are silly. Some are deep. Some are movies no one liked. I don’t care.

Given what sells tickets these days, I’ll take comfort in knowing what I like.

Books into Movies/TV:

Harry Potter – It’s refreshing that are still series made that won’t rot the brain and movies that at least do them justice.

Hunger Games – I know we still haven’t seen the second movie but I like what I’ve seen so far, the books are very accessible without being too dumbed down.

Dexter – Paths diverged but eventually we all get there. (Maybe not sci-fi but delving into the psyche of a serial killer is one of those theoretical things I wonder about)

A Song of Ice and Fire – Incomplete in both forms but so damned addicting. Again the show diverged from the books but if Mr. Martin doesn’t step it up the show will finish before the books.

Roswell High – Greatly changed from book to screen but no less entertaining. I might have enjoyed seeing Alex turned into a bouncy cheesy-poof but the show had no shot of lasting that long even if they had gone more strictly by the books.

The Watchmen – I don’t care what anyone says, the interpretation was pretty damn good. I could not have dealt with that final battle being done the way the comic did it.

The Losers – Despite the scrambled storyline in the movie, it was pretty good. Could still have a sequel but I doubt it will happen. I’m not saying I would like to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan get blown up but they should finish what was started.

Books Series I think should get more attention

Urban Shaman – It sounds ridiculous but it’s wonderful

Otherworld – Is getting it’s due. FINALLY! We’ll see how it turns out

Greywalker – PI who can walk through walls and see the haunted history of a place. Uh. Yeah!

Inheritor’s Cycle – There are only two books and I’ve been told there will be no more but an alternate history of Elizabethan era manipulated by aliens???

Anyway. That’s where my mind goes. I like sci-fi but not everything. I like Kelly Mediing series but not the rest of the Dreg City series. I wasn’t a fan of the Truthseeker series but I love C.E. Murphy stuff. There’s another books series that I loved but I never got to finish and I cannot remember the name of. It’s pissing me off. In fact, when I first saw the first trailer for Star Trek, I thought this movie was about this book. It wasn’t. I had a sad. Star Trek was good but I really want this series to make it to either movies or television. It’s gonna bug me for months!


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