I solved it!!

I am not the mostly technologically advanced person. This is mainly due to financial reasons. I stopped keeping up with tech mags because I can’t afford anything.

My dad thinks I’m a tech wizard. All I ever really do for him is make sure things are plugged in, rebooted and I clear his cache from time to time. A monkey can do what I can do. Talking to IT guys and gals always have them shaking their heads at me.

Still. I managed to replace the CD-ROM on my laptop so I can use MS-Word like a grownup. I’m sorry but Apache Open Office 3 is not doing it for me. So many headaches. I tried AbiWord and that’s just a step up from the old MS WordPad. Check, I bet it’s on your computer and you never even thought about it. I know I didn’t. My only use for NotePad were my days of hard-coding my websites because it was fun back then. I don’t give a crap now. TEMPLATES! CLICK AND DRAG!

Anyway. My phone has been acting up for months but it’s been the low man on the totem pole while I’m fighting to make sure my car doesn’t get repossessed. I have to dial every number (that I no longer keep in my head cause who does that?) or I have to only call people I text because that’s the only way I can do it. My contacts manager simply shuts down when I’m only trying to call Dad or BigSis or LittleSis.

I solved that today. Turns out my Hotmail app was gumming up the works. Only I had upgraded to Outlook a few months ago when I was prompted. I just forgot to uninstall. And BAM! 10 seconds later. My contacts manager works! It was so simple but I had to wade through so many blogs and message boards to find it.

So put simply:

Motorola Atrix 2 – error message: Contacts storage has stopped unexpectedly.

Force Close

Your solution:

Uninstall Hotmail App

You’re welcome.

I know! I KNOW!

Why in the world do I still use Hotmail? The address still works and that’s where I send all the shit I don’t want clogging up my important email. You know, the one I give out with my resumes and to family.

My phone made me get a gmail account but I don’t use it except for reminders on when Google Play gets new free music. Cause FREE MUSIC. Maybe also to manage my YouTube account cause Sad Cat Diary? Awesome! And you know what else? Nate Fisher does employee evaluations and they’re hilarious.

But yeah. Useless Hotmail/Outlook accounts. Nearly useless Gmail Accounts… Yahoo. I used to have ICQ but bleh. I am trying to streamline this shit but damn. Technology is a hungry beast.

Which reminds me… I was actually doing some writing today… then I got distracted by the litter box, and the gnat problem and then the phone problem. I hope I didn’t leave any characters in peril… cause that’s just a shitty thing to do to someone(s) I love.



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