Holy Shitcakes!

I need a break. Just somewhere in this comic tragedy I call a life.

The roommate skipped without paying a cent… unless you count the quarter, dime and four pennies he left on the table from weeks ago.

Also, a lingering odor in my kitchen. I’m going to find it and bleach the hell out of it.

The Quantifier is playing his games again. He’s using the damned app to contact me instead of my phone number, which he has. I find it passive aggressive and now I’ve decided that stonewalling is the solution.

I’m going to be working overtime to make up for the bills that have lapsed. I see no other way around it.

I’m going to give up on the roommate thing and just turn that room into a library or something. I just. I give up.

Is it so much to ask that people are respectful of living environments?

Is it so much to ask that a man be a man instead of a whiny little girl?

Is it so much to ask that I catch a break? Just one. The shitstorm hasn’t really let up since… I was 10. I mean, really.

I need to febreze the shit out of my guest room. How much FUNK can one man make? I’m disgusted.

And the cat just puked on the floor. Amazing.

Yeah. Right.

Okay. Off to sweep and mop and find that damned smell.


1 Comment

  1. Sometimes having a roommate is hard work and it seems working more to live alone would be better than keeping the person around. The ending made me laugh since my cat always does that too. Best of luck with everything.

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