10 Songs that get me through my week

I’m an awful singer.

Okay, that’s not true. I’m not a very loud singer. When I get loud, things get screechy. I had a purpose in my high school choir. Hit the note. I could do that. All my loud-mouthed brethren had to do was hear my note and belt it. I had a lot of fun doing it.

So, I sing to the radio when no one can hear me. It’s probably best that way. Energizing on the way to work and decompressing on the way home are pretty vital to my day. Not as necessary these days but still part of a familiar routine that I do enjoy.

Warning: Do not try to make sense of the mess and mass of what I listen to, it’ll only make your brain hurt.

Also, had to limit to songs I could find on youtube … it gave me a sad to realize that.

Great video; great bridge; great for shouting!

This is the only version of this song I like.

Love me some self-deprecating fellow!

Short and lovely.

I have two versions of this on my MP3 player which means I have one for either mood.

Songs from this era always remind me of my mom.

Two sure things: Death and Change

I set it to start when the song gets started; feel free to go back and listen to the band gearing up.

This was Saturday music in my house growing up.

Crazy ladies being crazy and loving it.

This is the best song in the universe and a great way to end a day.


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