Lazy Style Mexican Hot Chocolate

Growing up, we got hot chocolate from the packet. Swiss Miss. You know which one. Made with water. Pretty awesome. Microwaveable. Favorite of latch-key kids everywhere.

I’m a grown up now. I’m not so much a fan of the stuff. I made some with milk once. Had to turn on the stove and everything. It was better than my childhood watered Swiss Miss but it was still packet hot chocolate. Even with marshmallows.

Couple of years ago I switched to Abuelita’s Mexican Hot Chocolate and it is a pain the ass to make. No lie.

It’s got these tablets that you have to melt in milk. So you’re heating milk and melting these tablets. Milk burns. Don’t know if you all know that. It’s been a process to get it right. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to making these types of things.

Abuelita. Nestle. Awesome. Although… that granny is kind of creepy.

I got a rhythm down. I heat a little bit of milk, gently (cause I may have boiled over a few pots in the beginning) and I break up the piece of tablet I’m gonna use to speed things along. When I feel like it’s melted enough, I add more milk and when that’s heated, it’s ready. The key to Abuelita’s is a good whisk. I don’t have a good whisk. I have a big plastic, clunky whisk. It does okay. No matter what stage of prep you’re in, you’re whisking. In fact, if you’re drinking it correctly… you’re whisking while you drink. It’s just the name of the game when it’s the real deal.

This is truly delicious stuff. The instructions on the box are pretty simple but you can still fuck it up. I’ve burnt the milk, which is meh. I’ve allowed a skin to form on the milk, which is totally nasty. I’ve not melted the tablet enough (this is why I started chopping it up before I put it in). I don’t add the extra sugar it recommends because it’s plenty sweet to me (or was in my post-quitting-Coca-Cola-winter when I first starting making this stuff). Sometimes I add a bit more cinnamon thought it’s already included in the tablet. I don’t use as much chocolate as is recommended but these are my personal choices.

The Lazy Part.

Tonight, I’m not big on patience. I plan to be in bed by 10:30pm this evening cause I haven’t been sleeping so well and last night I had to partially drug myself into an 8:30pm-6:30pm sleep. It was miraculous but my insomnia is not cured by a long shot. I may have to do it again. I want to drink my hot chocolate, brush my teeth and go to bed.

So… I thought I’d use my microwave. I know! It’s a no-no.

Especially since I’m working with a 900 Watt monstrosity.

Microwave from Hell.

Yes, it’s quite terrible and I always have to adjust settings for the wattage.

I chopped up my chocolate and dropped it into a small coffee mug. Just one of the little wedges and set it for two minutes. Might have been a mistake. It started to caramelize. Smelled a bit burnt.

Box says a whole tablet for 4 cups. No. I don’t do that.

I don’t have a whisk that small. I got a spoon. Cause. I’m stupid. The chocolate cooled mega-quick and got stuck to the spoon. I had to scrape it off with a fingernail. I still have chocolate under there. It’s pissing me off.

I poured a couple ounces of milk into the mug and stirred but the milk was cold. Yeah. I know. Brilliant.

I nuked the milk on the 1 cup Beverage setting. I stopped it with 7 seconds to go.

It was pretty frothy. I got to stirring with my spoon. Little particles of chocolate a-twirling in the hot and I do mean hot mess. Steam and everything. It was beautiful but I could tell from the inside of the mug that the milk had started to boil. I’d have to be careful with that. I could lose everything inside the microwave and then I’d be pissed and probably spend all night perfecting this thing.

I stirred it up to break up the couple of chocolate pieces that were about pea-sized. I poured in more cold milk, stirred and set it back for another 1 cup Beverage go. I kept my eyes on it because I didn’t want it to boil over. Nothing happened. More frothy goodness came out. I stirred it up. No big chocolate pieces. Color was better than my best attempt on the stove.

Kind of awesome huh.

I know you’re not supposed to do it. I am so going to keep doing it.

It tastes awesome and it only took about five minutes from start to finish. Okay. Now to drink the stuff while it’s still in the  okay to drink temperature zone.


****I did end up with a small skin but it caught on the side of the cup and never ended up in my mouth. Otherwise, SUCCESS****


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