To New Beginnings

Y’all remember in my last post that I said I almost wished to be fired. The Almost-Wish Fairy totally granted my wish.

This is my first time being fired from a job. I usually leave voluntarily and amicably for better and greener pastures.

I was honestly going to leave anyway but I’m not sad about. I’m sad about no paycheck but now I can move on. I can do something else. I can find a job where I can leave the job at the job.

I will not be awakened in the middle of the night to attend a crisis and then still have to get my work done someway, somehow, the following day.

I may be able to go on a date and not have to take a phone call or respond to a text message or hell, leave in the middle. Or even have to cancel 45 minutes beforehand. That’s all happened before.

The trick now is to get a job while my car is in the shop, While my police report on my stolen wallet is pending. Applying for a job is no problem, providing documentation of my identity unfortunately is.

But…. what should I do with my new opportunity? I’m not opposed to working anywhere for the time being. The rent monster is a hungry, hungry beast.

It’s my first official day of unemployment. I’m going to spend it much like yesterday, on the phone trying to reestablish my identity so that possibly, maybe, I can get a job so I can pay my collision bill, my car note and eventually rent before these things are taken away from me.

Which also means I will be cleaning and emptying my spare room for the roommate search. I don’t want to be my age with a roommate. Some things just are.

I’m keeping my hopes high. I’m letting my body dictate my rising in the morning, which is still 6:30 am. That’s wonderful. It means my spirit is still intact. Maybe a bit fractured and worse for wear but I am a smart human being. I am highly adaptable. And I have feeling in the bottom of my foot!!!!

Apparently, a goodly amount of the compression around my spine is purely stress.

My ending is not written yet.


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