Third time’s the charm… Work and other stuff.

So, I just celebrated 5 years with the same company. They got me a cupcake platter… about three weeks late and with a blend of frosting that triggered some mild anaphylactic shock. Good thing I keep benadryl at work. I also suspect this “surprise” celebration was a result of buying too many cupcakes for another employee’s going away celebration.


It’s rather unrewarding. Any given day is more or less like this:

Drive to work, get a phone call about nonsense that other people should be able to handle if they were to apply some common sense. I detour, fix the problem and then continue on to the office. I get there, I return phone calls and lose faith in humanity. I get some work done on the computer, some via email, some via internet system that is more trouble than it’s worth… and then I lose faith in humanity. Some time after lunch, I get a phone call to handle yet another thing that should have been handled by someone on the other end, then I stare at my cursor for twenty minutes. I sometimes get to see my clients for a few minutes. I shoo them all away and then I try to get more work done.On my way home, I field phone calls about what other people are dealing with, most likely other people who should have handled something but couldn’t find the common sense to deal with it on their own. Lose faith in humanity.

It’s quite maddening but then I get to have conversations that go like this:

“Hi. What’s happening?”

“I don’t know. Will you get me a Pepsi next.”

“What time do you get your Pepsi?”

“5 o’clock.”

“Five? What time is it now?”


“Is it time for your Pepsi?”


“What time do you get your Pepsi?”

“5 o’clock.”

“Okay. Think you can join your class until it’s time to get on the bus?”

“Yeah. I can do that… Hey! Gimme that fried chicken!”


“Drumsticks. 99 cents at Church’s.”

“Who buys you Church’s chicken?”

“Gotta go. I’m busy now. Bye.”

If you had to hear all the voice patterns that conversation went through, you’d be smiling in spite of yourself.

When I go home, I usually like to hide from the world. It’s made quite easy by a steady internet connection and my Roku box. I love my Roku box. I would marry it but we haven’t passed those laws yet. Yesterday, I got caught up on Supernatural. This is currently my favorite show. I love this show. I will call this show on its shit when the shit gets spread on my screen. Just to be clear. I do love this show. Am I a little upset? Yes, I am. Why?

I should be happy about a Winchester in Kermit, Texas. Kermit is my hometown. I love it dearly. It will always be home. I have family there. I try to get there twice a year. I hold a protective little place in my heart for Kermit. So, when a Winchester is there in the fiction version of Kermit, I get a little excited. Then about 15 seconds after the letters scrawl across the screen, Sam Winchester sneaks out of the trailer and into the fuckin’ woods. I mean… fuckin’ trees and shit. There may have been rain. Is it too much to ask TVland to be a little more accurate in depicting Kermit? Heroes pissed me off, too. The trailer park was way out of town and next to a fuckin’ lake between 2 huge boulders. Kermit is a small little town with virtually no foliage. The place is flat desert for as far as the eye can see. There are trees… at the park, in some people’s lawns but nothing quite so dense as was depicted on Supernatural. I know it’s a fictional Kermit. I know that Supernatural films in Canada. I know Canada is low on desert-like places to film. I know this. I’m still miffed.

Tonight, it’s Grimm. Do have I have a viewing preference, you bet I do. I like things a little weird. Am I a little weird? Most “normal” people think so. To all those people, I say “Kiss my boots.” 

Them’s the boots.


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